Chimney Repairs & Fireplace Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

Chimney CleaningYour chimney is a great convenience and comfort in your home. But it needs proper maintenance and care to stay safe—otherwise, it could become a liability. Soot, debris and creosote buildups are dangerous and need to be cleaned out regularly. It’s a dirty job, but Chimney Cricket USA is happy to do it! In fact, we’ve been the all-in-one provider of chimney repairs and fireplace cleaning in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ for more than three decades!

  • Chimney cleaning: Chimney sweeping is a simple clearing of soot and ash from your chimney, to prevent bigger buildups from forming. We recommend a chimney cleaning annually to keep it in fine condition.
  • Chimney and fireplace cleaning: After years of use, your chimney and fireplace are likely to look a little smoky! Call us to clear away any soot and ash from your hearth and chimney, to renew the look and continued safe function of the installation.
  • Humane animal removal: Squirrels, birds and even racoons can get into an uncapped chimney. It’s important to get them out before they find their way into your home or lose their lives trapped in the chimney. We practice humane animal removal.
  • Firebox rebuilds: Your firebox is the part of the chimney where the wood actually burns. Over time it can break down and start to fall apart. We put it back together! Brick or stone, we’re adept at rebuilding older fireboxes.
  • Tuckpointing repairs: Customers throughout Phoenix, AZ call us when their chimney façade needs tuckpointing. This process restores the mortar between bricks, bringing new appeal and lasting durability to your well-used, well-weathered chimney.
  • Chimney repairs: Some of the most important chimney repairs come at the crown. If your crown is damaged, it can let in anything from small animals to rainwater, which spells disaster for your home. Count on us to deliver the necessary fireplace repairs.
  • Chimney chase covers: Uncapped chimneys are an invitation for numerous problems. Call on us to replace damaged caps and covers, and to help protect your chase against the many damages that threaten it.

When’s the last time you had your chimney swept and properly maintained? Chimney Cricket USA is ready to give you the peace of mind you need before you fire up your wood-burning system for the season. Contact us today at 602-944-5011 for more information about chimney cleaning and maintenance services.